Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year to all my friends and family. May all your wishes come true. All d best. A better, greater year waiting for us ;) Life to the fullest!!!!


1 Malaysia F1 Team

Monday, September 21, 2009

When I first heard of this, I felt: "Wow.. Malaysia got 1 F1 team. Should feel proud of it,"

Later, after a second thought, things came into my mind.

"Why we should have a F1 team?"

It will be funded by Malaysia government and local entrepreneurs.

Well, lets look at the annual cost of maintaining a F1 team.

RM1 Billion per year.

Cant you used it for a better purpose?

Wanna promote your so called "1 Malaysia" stupid slogan?

Seriously, I do not see the benefits of forming a F1 team.

Honda leave F1. BMW going to leave as well. You enter for what purpose? Losing?

Do we have a world standard Driver? Please don't tell me we have Alex Yoong.

If we have a world standard technology, world standard Driver, world standard team, world standard car.. We might get the world title..

Arhmm... The fact is, I do not believe that we own any of the above mentioned criteria.

What I worried is, we are promoting Malaysia.. After entering F1.. By sending a loser image to the world.

Do you feel that you can get any good place in F1? Seriously, I have no confident in it.

Please, RM1 Billion per year. You are using the tax payer money and do something that do not benefits the Malaysians at all.

Malaysia is already well known for having terrorists..

I hope good names is associated to Malaysia, but now bad names.

Please do not ruin the name of Malaysia.

If you really have that kinda money, buy Plus.

Use that RM1 billion to buy up Plus and make it free for Malaysian to use highways.

Do something benefits to Malaysian, stupid.

Improve on public transport. Improve the education system of Malaysia.

Do not simply use the tax payer money.

It is not yours. It belongs to Malaysian.

It has been 50 years. Comparing to Singapore, where are we now?

We are blessed with natural resources. But we are also blessed with a lot of corruptions.

Petronas has revenue of billions every year. Where are all these money?

Why it cannot be public listed? Because if it is public listed, the account has to be shown, as in how the money is used, which is something that is cannot be reveal till now.

People improving, how about us?

After March 8, still, you guys do not get it.

Sincerely hope that, the next election, you guys will be vanished forever.

God bless. I will exercise my voting power in the coming election. I will make a right choice.



Wednesday, May 27, 2009




照这样子推理,英国不应该承认STPM, 因为我们是独立的国家。独立了,就不需要资助。




Stupid Dr Z is the MB

Friday, May 22, 2009

WTF... They judged it based on what facts??

Duh.... Disappointed..

Now exam... Later only find out....



I am in relationship

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Recently not so free ar... In relationship...

with macroeconomic which will end this thursday, with finance which will end this saturday, with statistic which will end next wednesday and with marketing which will end next thursday...

Later I will dump them... wakaka... =)


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